Friday, January 02, 2009

On my turntable: Beach Boys - Endless Summer (2008 Capitol Vaults reissue)

I was not planning on buying this reissue, since I already have a very nice original copy, and also because there's plenty of other records I could spend $25 on. Yet today when I saw this little honey in the new arrivals bin at one of my shops for $7 I didn't have to think too hard about surrendering the cash. It's a 'used' copy, but appears to be unplayed.

This reissue is very thoughtfully done. The two 180-gram LPs are even programmed like the original 1974 pressing, with sides 1 & 4 on one disc and 2 & 3 on the other (double LPs in the 70's were pressed this way to accommodate stackable record changers, which were in most homes at the time). The only obvious difference between this and the original is that the text on the labels and the cover appears to be redone, as the font looks a bit different. There also was no poster included in my copy (the original 70's pressings included a cool large fold-out poster (pictured, above right)), but that could be due to it being previously owned. Overall, a gorgeous reissue that sounds fantastic.


Anonymous said...

I bought mine today, and it came with NO poster. Thus, no poster was included in this reissue.

Jeff said...

Hey - thanks for letting me know! Sorta stinks that Capitol overlooked this part of the original release.

Anonymous said...

I love that album! So many memories... such awesome music.

Once again, your musical taste is flawless! :D