Thursday, January 15, 2009

On my turntable: Bee Gees - Odessa

I've heard Odessa (1969) used in the same sentence with "opus", and I suppose that's accurate. Odessa was the only full-length original studio LP by the Bee Gees to be released as a double album, filled with songs that are rich and diverse and sometimes breathtaking. This week Rhino released a deluxe boxed CD set of this classic, with a bonus CD of demos and alternate mixes, housed in a red-velvet case resembling the original LP. Judging by Rhino's impeccable treatment of the first three Gibb albums, I expect that this release is going to be close to flawless. No word yet on a vinyl set.

additional fancy blogging: 5/20/2006 entry on Odessa


OC said...

Funny you should post, while entering voter registration information into the WI database (boring), I was singing songs in my head, and the BeeGees were there, too! Cyn

Mark said...

i pulled out my original vinyl copy, happy to see that the velvet flocking hasn't given up the ghost. Odessa's always been kinda hit and miss for me, some great songs, some alright...but I love the effort, and the days I spent as a kid trying to make heads or tails out of it.

HiRize said...

Jeff, Odessa vinyl is due in March, some are taking pre-orders like this one:

Lot of chat about this album on the steve hoffman boards

Jeff said...

Once again Chuck saves the day! Thanks for the heads up!! Very exciting news.