Friday, January 09, 2009

On my turntable: Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight

I've blogged about this album before. (click here to read my previous post).

Tonight when I selected this LP I noticed "January" scrawled on the inner sleeve in my 8th grade handwriting. This made me think of a few things:
  • I bought this album in January 1980, which is almost thirty years ago.
  • I started buying records at a pretty young age.
  • I've done a good job of hanging on to my records.
  • Even at age 12 I was uptight about documenting things like dates.
  • I'm getting old!
This album is so so so so good. With the scheduled re-release of Live At Budokan (1978) on LP it would be nice to see the early Cheap Trick LPs like In Color, Heaven Tonight, and Dream Police get proper reissue as well.

Who's with me?
Edit: Check out this 1978 commercial for Heaven Tonight!

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HiRize said...

I'm with ya Jeff. i had a couple 45s in the early 80's, and Lap of Luxery is fave late 80's album, but the Glen Campbell album made me sample their older stuff which is now on my music to-do list.