Saturday, January 10, 2009

On my turntable: Various - Choice Cuts

The interweb is a fantastic little invention. Through the world of blogging and other networking sites I've met some groovy people over the past few years. Example: my e-pal & fellow blogger Chuck, who recently sent me a couple of sealed sampler LPs from 2008 Record Store Day (thx again Chuck - you rock).

Choice Cuts (2008) was made by Universal expressly as a promotional item for stores to use on Record Store Day. Growing up in the golden age of K-tel Records, I enjoy these types of Various Artist collections on vinyl. There's usually a nice amount of variety, and it can be a good way to find a new artist or two that you can look into further. I figure if you find one new band that you like from a record like this then it's worth it.

After a couple of spins I'm really digging "Drama Queen" by Switches, a band that I'd not heard of before. I can tell you that they have an album on Interscope called Lay Down the Law (2008), although I don't know if there's a full-length vinyl release.

Video: "Drama Queen" by Switches

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