Friday, February 20, 2009

filling in the gaps

This week I won two eBay auctions on LPs that I previously owned on CD only (Wynonna (left) and Soul Martini by the Cavedogs (right)), both of them from 1992. My first experience with these albums was when I worked at a record store, where we regularly received promotional copies of new discs. I doubt that I would have been exposed to this music had I not had access to those promos. I'm excited to experience them both on vinyl for the first time!


HiRize said...

ahh.. how I loved discovering new stuff by in-store promos.. wonder if only us record geeks can relate?

Jeff said...

I bet you're right. College/Indie radio kids and maybe some journalistic types might have similar access to promos, but there was something about being in the record store with all the product, hearing something new for the first time. The store I worked in at the time of these discs was a *small* indie operation, and there were slow times when it was just me, the cash register, and a ton of CDs to listen to.