Friday, February 13, 2009

Music City

For a short time in the very late 70's and early 80's there was a trio of record stores on Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis that I used to frequent: Harpos' Hot Licks, Musicland, and Music City. Music City was a historic store on the corner of 7th & Hennepin, a block away from the now legendary First Avenue nightclub. I eyed the records there somewhat frequently, although I can only remember a handful of records I actually bought at the store.

Around 1981/82 Music City closed its doors and soon reopened as Northern Lights Music (which was previously housed in the former Hot Licks space). Northern Lights remained open until the 1990's, after which it was renovated/restored as the Pantages Theatre, which stands there today.

Last week at one of my stores I found this vintage Music City outer plastic sleeve (pictured, above right) inside a old, beat up Dino, Desi & Billy LP. Once I got home I did some detective googling I found this amazing photo (below) of the original Music City signage, which for years was covered up by the Northern Lights sign. The photo (my apologies - I don't know who took the pic) was taken during the Pantages renovation in 2002.
(Update: Thanks to Ollie Stench, who kindly informed me that the Music City pic was taken by Ian Rans)


madhouse 6 said...

i miss northern lights so freakin' much... :(

Ollie Stench said...

Photo by Ian Rans