Thursday, February 26, 2009

On my turntable: Janet Jackson - Discipline

I had initially intended to buy this double LP last year when I first heard "Feedback", but my interest fizzled with the absence of a strong follow-up single. I'm glad I waited, 'cause today I picked up a *brand new* copy from the clearance bin at one of my stores for $6.99.

*big sigh of thrifty satisfaction*

Official Videos:
"Rock With U"


Jay said...

I think there is a very good reason this is in the clearance bin.

(However... this should NOT be confused with the multiple copies of Cheap Trick's first album and "In Color", along with Yes's "Going For The One" that were in cutout bins by the dozens for $1.99 at Musicland. Those are actually great albums)

I actually like Janet when she doesn't try to be "hip and cool, with it and now". But everything I heard from this album bored me.

Anonymous said...

I loved this album. My favorites are Curtains and Luv.

HiRize said...

I keep passing up sealed vinyl copies of this, 20YO, and All For You for $5 & $6 each. Everytime I see them I come home and listen to amazon samples. Hard to pass up such bargains for double LPs, but I know I won't listen to them ever.

Anonymous said...

Cool. This album has actually moved up a little bit due to all these discount sales.

Thanks for sharing.