Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On my turntable: Soy un Caballo - Les Heures de Raison

This is my brother's new favorite hate. You can see the evolution of his severe distaste for this record in the previous post's comments.

I'll tell you why I took a risk on this album:
  • It looked intriguing at the record store when I thought the band's name was SOY, which is a great name for a band.
  • One of the band members is Sean O'Hagan, who is one of big brains behind the High Llamas (a group that I like a lot).
  • The sticker on the sleeve describes the music as "Indie-fied bossa nova...downright charming" and "Delicate wispy melodies vie with choral refrains...smooth as silk, cool as a cucumber and light as a feather".
  • I heard the track "Robin" online and liked it.
The LP is on colored vinyl & comes with a free download of the full album. So far I've only had a couple of listens, but I agree that it is downright charming. The harmonies and melodies are lovely, and the instrumentation is just as interesting as any High Llamas record. The lyrics are sung in French.

Video: Soy un Caballo - "Robin"


Jay said...

Now wait a minute!

I thought you said the name of the band is "I Am A Horse In Spanish".

Jeff said...

That would be a great name.

HiRize said...

look at the cover on amazon or itunes, it's flipped the other way except for the walking horseboy. what gives? interesting sound, can't go wrong with Bossa nova.

Jeff said...

Chuck - You're right about the cover - That's freaky! I agree about the bossa nova. You can't go wrong with it (although you can blame lots of things on it, apparently).

HiRize said...

only thing I can on bossa nova is makin' my head, shoulders & hips move independently of each other

E.EME said...

amm....THE NAME of the band IS actually "soy un caballo" which means "i am a horse" sooo jeff what do you mean with "that would be a great name..." it is the name !! :) cheers