Thursday, February 12, 2009

"What Would Lincoln Do?"

This article by Evan Wolfson just arrived in my email, as part of this week's Freedom To Marry activities. It's a very interesting piece about Lincoln's support of the gays:
Abraham Lincoln may have been the first American to write about a same-sex couple getting married. His 1829 poem recounting the marriage of Nate and Billy was "perhaps the most explicit literary reference to actual homosexual relations in 19th century America." Lincoln's most important early biographer, William Herndon, initially included the poem in his Life of Lincoln, but as so often with gay subjects, it was subsequently omitted and largely ignored by later scholars.


Jay said...

You know, I remember that poem by Lincoln. It went something like this.

There once was a boy named Nate
Who one night was out pretty late
He met up with Billy
He thought he was silly
but the two of them got along great!

That Lincoln was a heck of a poet!

Jeff said...

I had no idea Lincoln was such a master in the art of limericks! Did he also write the one about that guy from Nantucket?