Thursday, March 26, 2009

2009: Best of Quarter I

Here she is, my Top 20 favorite songs of the past 3 months (songs marked with a * are not available in vinyl format, as far as I know):
20."I Love You Equinox" - Vigil
19. "Drivin' Around" - Raspberries
*18. "Ol' Skool Company" - Prince (live on Leno, 3/25/09)
17. "A Ray Of Hope" - The Rascals
16. "Too Many" - Sloan
15. "Ulysses" - Franz Ferdinand
*14. "Living In End Times" - Roger Joseph Manning, Jr
13. "Sing The Changes" - The Fireman
*12. "Lovers" - Kelly Jones
11. "Robin" - Soy Un Caballo
10. "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room"
- Flight of the Conchords
9. "Sun Is Shining" - The Fireman
8. "LUV" - Janet Jackson
7. "Fatalist Palmistry" - Why?
6. "Dimmer" - Bishop Allen
5. "Get On Your Boots" - U2
4. "Drama Queen" - Switches
3. "Shining Light" - Annie Lennox
2. "Love Letter To Japan" - The Bird and the Bee
1. "Lying Through Your Teeth"
- Head Automatica


Anonymous said...

Nice Posting

Mark said...


I have "A Ray of Hope" on both a 45 and on an ancient vinyl copy of "Freedom Suite" that is wrapped in silver mylar and still contains the posters, etc.

Jeff said...

Mark - I just bought a copy of "freedom suite" last week (the Rhino single LP), and I've been intending to do a post about it. Oh - and a couple of days after I got the album I found a shiny copy of the Ray of Hope 45 as well. :) I love the album (not as much as "Dream", but still a strong record).