Saturday, March 07, 2009

in search of serenity

If you've been paying attention to the Prop 8 fiasco, you may have heard that things appear to be leaning towards keeping the amendment intact, restricting rights from the minority. It's heartbreaking, but it's also scary. Seriously -- if this is allowed to happen, there is nothing stopping "the will of the people" from taking away rights from any group on Californians for any reason. Pointy-eared people, left-handed people, green-eyed people -- let's vote on stripping their rights, and if the majority rules, then it becomes law. The people have spoken.

I say this often, but today I'm feeling the need to retreat from sources of news. Of course, as I type this I've got CNN on (although I just put John McCain on MUTE). I'm reminded that there are some things I can change, and others that I cannot realistically expect to change. That does not mean that I am powerless or that I accept defeat, it just means that I shouldn't expect to change the ignorance and hate of strangers overnight, regardless of how loudly I scream.

So, for today, I'm choosing to not let the assholes win. I'm going to have a sweet, kickass day, dammit. You heard me.


HiRize said...

sure do miss the days of searching bins of cut-outs and finding the gold, or being the first to dive new boxes of cut-out arrivals at our store. we were a discount chain, so we stocked ISLES of cut-outs!


Jeff said...

Isles of cutouts - I have dreams about that sort of stuff!

Thanks for the birthday wishes :).