Saturday, March 07, 2009

On my turntable (b-day booty edition): Yes - Going for the One

Monday is my birthday, which makes this my super fancy b-day weekend. This afternoon my familia got together for lunch at my Mom's, and I got a sweet stack of records from my brother and his girlfriend. Some of the records had a theme, which was "these are some of Jay's favorite records". Fair enough.

Remember in the 70's when there were some records you could get for dirt cheap as "cutouts"? For those who don't remember, cutouts were LPs that were either discontinued by the record label or over-pressed, resulting in overstock that needed to be moved cheaply. Some of the records that I remember seeing often in Musicland's cutout bins: Elton John Friends, the first two Cheap Trick LPs, Badfinger Magic Christian Music, the early McCartney catalog, and Yes Going For the One.

Going For the One (1977) is a record that I remember my brother buying from those bins when we were kids. The bombastic title track has become one of my favorite Yes songs, and the 15 minute "Awaken" was by far one of the highlights of the bands' 1991 Union tour. Over the past few years I've picked up a couple of cheap copies of this record, but today's copy plays and sounds best, so it's a keeper.
Video: Yes - "Wonderous Stories"

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