Friday, March 13, 2009

On my turntable (b-day booty edition): Pearl Jam - Ten

I bought this tonight with a gifty certificate Leo gave me for turning old for my birthday. The record store had several new copies of Pearl Jam's Ten in stock, which has been on my list for a while. As I was inspecting them for the nicest one I noticed that one copy had some subtle differences, the most obvious being that it wasn't as thick as the others. Turned out I was holding an original 1991 copy, as opposed to the more recent, heavier-weight reissue.

So tonight I heard Ten on vinyl for the first time. Previously I would have heard this album on CD, either at the record store where I worked, or on a boombox or car cassette deck. Trust me when I say that this 1991 vinyl pressing sounds significantly different than the 1991 CD. I know it's an often overused description of vinyl's sound, but Ten really does sound warmer on LP when compared with the original CD.

In anticipation of Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary, an expanded 2LP reissue of Ten (pictured, right), has been announced, with an expected street date of 3/24/09.


Jay said...

Interesting that no where in your post did you say you actually like this album! Nice job!

Jeff said...

Would I have spent $18.99 on an album I didn't like? Sure it's not one of my top 50 of all time, but historically it holds a place, as do a lot of records from the old title wave days.

HiRize said...

I'm definitely grabbing the 20th anni release, really looking forward to it, I LOVE Brendon O's mixes that were featured on rearviewmirror, looking forward to hearing his mix (as well as the original LP mix) in the 20th.