Thursday, March 05, 2009

On my turntable: New England

I first purchased this record many many years ago, used, from a short-lived indie shop called Bojangles, in Columbia Heights, MN. A few days ago I scored this sexy new copy, unopened, for $.50. Never sounded better, at least to my ears.

You can read more about this LP at my previous post: New England (7/2/2007)

*ALERT!* I just found these awesome promo videos from New England (1978), which are definitely worth a look:


Jay said...

I am surprised that you dig New England. I think if it weren't for the Paul Stanley connection, you would be making fun of my for liking this band. Just a hunch. But... all of their albums rock, especially the album produced by Todd Rundgren! Cool videos! They should have been huge... but I can understand why they weren't in a time of disco and new wave.

Jeff said...

I never would have bought this album if it weren't for the Paul Stanley connection, but I think I would have liked some of the songs on the 1st album regardless. The big chords and harmonies, and almost Badfinger-like vocals - it's a proven good formula.