Sunday, March 29, 2009

On my turntable: Sugar - File Under: Easy Listening

I found this LP a few days ago, sealed, for $5. I saw it and said "mine".

Since File Under: Easy Listening (1994) is an album that I don't have much of a history with, I'll do bullets:
  • My grad school roomie Jan owned this on CD, which is how I was exposed to these tunes.
  • The album was released in Sept '94, when Jan & I were settling into our new swank Mankato apartment ("grad school swank" means that we proudly used Old Milwaukee cases as furniture). This music is very much an audio snapshot of that time.
  • One of Jan's friends (Sean?) referred to the band as "The Sugars", and it's probably safe to say that Jan still does (yeah me too).
  • I was never a huge Bob Mould/Husker Du fan, but I liked Sugar when I heard them, and since then I've learned to appreciate Mould's solo work.
  • The album was released by Minnesota label RYKO, known for their quality reissues of the David Bowie and Yoko Ono catalogs.
  • My fave cuts right now are "Your Favorite Thing", "Believe What You're Saying" and "Panama City Motel".
Cool video: The Sugars: "Gee Angel"


Jay said...

I digs the Sugars... I wish they would have stayed together. It was kinda like Bob Mould's Utopia.

jan said...

OMG! I just love the Sugars! Hope you're enjoying F.U.E.L.