Thursday, May 14, 2009

21st Century 45's: "The Middle" - Jimmy Eat World

One of my first tasks to help me wind down after the end of this stressful semester was to spend some quality time with my records. I spent part of tonight organizing my 45's, and realized there were some true beauties from the past 9 years...

"The Middle" (2001) is one of those perfect pop songs that just grabs you where it matters. One of the highlights of the vinyl revival has been the resurgence of the 7" single as a viable format. Labels sometimes use them as a relatively low-cost promotional item, and fans love buying them because they often have non-LP tracks or because they're pressed on super cool colors, like this handsome one here.

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HiRize said...

that's a sweet 45- since record store day i'm more interested in 45s- i scored the Pretenders red RSD single last week locally. never been much a fan of the 7" til now, in part from seeing all these colors i now see on eBay... ahahaha the word verification to post this message is 'fart ake'!