Monday, May 18, 2009

21st Century 45's: Weezer!

"Keep Fishin'" (2002) was my first Weezer vinyl. It was also the first time I felt compelled to buy any Weezer since 1994's Weezer (Blue Album). In more recent years it's been hard for me to stay away -- Weezer is just one of those bands that remains true to itself, which means that even the occasional track that maybe isn't so brilliant is still pretty awesome. Plus it's hard to say no to such cool looking vinyl singles.
In addition to having some of the greatest singles, Weezer's music videos are indisputably among the greatest of all time. There is no greater video than "Keep Fishin'" (above), in which The Muppets get top-billing.

45's Pictured (from top): "Keep Fishin" (2002), "Beverly Hills" (2005), "Pork and Beans" (2008). (For a better look go ahead and click on any of the 45's)

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