Saturday, May 23, 2009

On my turntable: Pufnstuf soundtrack

Pufnstuf (1970) is the soundtrack to one of the best films I've never seen. A DVD of the movie was released this week, although the local Targets & Best Buys I've checked so far either have it on backorder or their not yet stocking it. So I wait, and in the meantime I get my groove on to this far-out soundtrack album and watch these outasite YouTube clips:
Mama Cass - "Different"
(from Pufnstuf, 1970)

Billie Hayes, Martha Raye & Cast-
"Zap the World" (from Pufnstuf, 1970)


Anonymous said...

I can still sing the Pufnstuf theme song, and often do. What a tripper show... the stuff that we watched as kids, man!

Jeff said...

Jen - I have to wonder if the Kroffts were trying to be sly by getting this stuff on Saturday morning TV. So...Jimmy and his magic talking flute end up on Living Island, where everything is alive and talks and sings? It's like a crazy happy trip, until Witchie Poo shows up and turns everything into a bummer.

doug said...
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doug said...

The movie is wicked awesome. I'm glad it's finally officially coming out on dvd. I treasure my bootleg.