Monday, June 08, 2009

21st Century 45's: "Nothing Changes Around Here" - The Thrills

"Nothing Changes Around Here" (2007), from the Thrills' 3rd LP, which I've still not heard. I did like this song enough to buy this single tho.


Jay said...

It;s nice... pink... sure the song is ok... BUT 45s SHOULD NOT HAVE SMALL HOLES!! I MEAN IT! THAT IS NOT A 45! IT IS A MINI 12" SINGLE! I feel the jacket to see if it has a small or regular hole, and if it has a small hole, I PUT IT BACK! Take note, bands that put out "45"s. Regular holes or no purchase for this guy!

Mark said...

Thrills first album, great!

2nd album, alright...ran out of songs.

How's the single from the 3rd?

Jeff said...

Mark -

The single's OK - not anywhere as good as the highlights from the 1st album.