Tuesday, June 09, 2009

On my turntable: E.L.O.: Secret Messages

About 20 minutes ago, on my way through the living room, I was surprised to find "Rock 'n' Roll Is King" in my head (surprised mostly because I don't much care for the song). Secret Messages (1983), the song's original album, is one that I've largely dismissed over the years, but hearing it now I'd say this LP has some definite E.L.O. gems on it. "Four Little Diamonds" has always been my fave track, but "Danger Ahead" is fantastic, as is "Stranger". Right now "R&R is King" is playing -- I think the reason I'm not fond of the track is that it sounds like "Hold On Tight" pt. II ("Hold On Tight" was a big hit from E.L.O.'s previous album, Time (1981)).

Overall, I'm still not overly impressed with Secret Messages, but it probably deserves more credit than I'd given it in the past. Give me Time or Out of the Blue any day.


Doug said...

I totally agree about "Rock & Roll is King" - I always thought Jeff phoned that one in.

"Secret Messages" is pretty amazing though.

For my complete ELO tribute go here:

jan said...

The day that the ELO boxset came out was one of my least favorite days at TW2...