Sunday, June 28, 2009

On my turntable: Meet Andy & David Williams

Let me start by saying that I didn't have big hopes for this record. My doubts from the onset have less to do with the proven talents of Andy & David (the twin nephews of legendary crooner Andy Williams) than the Tiger Beat packaging of the album, and the "Produced by Jackie Mills" credit on the back. In the early 70's Jackie Mills was known for his work with teenybopper acts such as the Brady Kids and Davy Jones. His style is Vegas meets 16 magazine, very lightweight and easily digestible by preteens. I was right not to expect much out of this record, since it pretty much meets the Mills formula, although there are some pleasant songs (no sweat tho - the LP only cost me a buck).

I first knew of Andy & David from their appearance on The Partridge Family, in an episode (titled "Two for the Show") where the twin brothers each had a crush on Laurie. The episode concluded with Andy & David singing "Say It Again" in front of a "live" audience (a tune which was also recorded by Davy Jones on his Jackie Mills-produced album). The duo returned in the 80's as "The Williams Brothers" with a series of polished, primarily self-penned albums that proved they were much bigger than their stint as 70's bubblegum stars. In the 90's David came out as gay, breaking the hearts of all those young girls (and certainly some boys) who could actually tell him apart from his twin Andrew, and finally solving the age-old debate over which brother should date Laurie Partridge.

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Mark Oliver said...

I am trying to locate a good quality MP3 of the Andy and David Williams' song, Fly Pretty Baby, that was featured on the K-Tel Believe in Music sampler album and 8-track back in 1972. I am assuming that someone out there has a decent digital copy of the song to share.

I am attempting to reconstruct this out-of-print album into CD form as a gift to my mom. We used to listen to the 8-track in the car on long road trips and sing along. The songs were cheesy, but a lot of music coming out today will be filed away under the same heading in the future.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mark Oliver