Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"It's Time to Count Everyone"

Just finished filling out our census form. Before mailing it
we attached this sticker to the back of the envelope.



Jay said...

Im not sure why they need to know if you are white, black, hispanic, gay, straight, bi, etc.

How about... are you a person? Great! Counted!

We all are the same.

Mark said...

Yay! I did the same.

Jeff said...

Mark - "Great minds..." as they say. :)

ChuckO said...

I did not see any such sticker nor any question inside that would count me as gay? I was disappointed too because they will know how many same-sex couples but no kind of count for us single gays

Jeff said...

Chuck - The sticker came from the Nat'l Gay & Lesbian Task force thru the QueertheCensus website. It's lame that there are no questions on the census itself for counting gays. Maybe they're afraid of learning just how many of us there are!