Friday, March 19, 2010

On my turntable: De La Soul - The Best

This is one of the most uniquely cool records I've picked up in quite a while. The Best (1993) is an Italian 2LP collection of the best tracks from De La Soul's first two albums. Most of the songs are taken from various 12" singles, such as the "Native Tongue Decision" version of "Buddy", which I've always thought was far superior to the LP version. The LPs come in a handsome gatefold jacket, and the sound quality is pretty kickass. While I don't think this collection is particularly common, I got this copy on eBay for less than $10, so if you're a fan it's worth keeping a watch out for it.

Props to my brother who bought this for me as part of "Jeff's b-day booty, 2010". I don't remember a birthday when I've scored so many super sweet LPs!


ChuckO said...

Jeff have you seen this?

Jeff said...

Chuck - I saw that LP at one of my local shops last summer & didn't buy it. I eventually want to get this one too, because it's a different track list than the one I just got. There's some minor overlap. Thanks for posting this & reminding me!