Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teabaggers on Capitol Hill shout gay slurs at Barney Frank

While it's not surprising, I admit I still find this news a little shocking. Earlier today a Teabagger at the Capitol yelled "Barney, you faggot!" at Barney Frank (followed by laughter amongst the crowd of protesters). From
Frank told the Washington newspaper The Hill that he was also called a “Homo Communist” and told to “go homo to Massachusetts." He also had to call Capitol police “to move away” five or six protesters who were banging on his office door and yelling through the mail slot.
My question is, who is telling this crowd when to stop? Who is stepping up to say "Hey - You're not allowed to come in here and say that." From what I understand, nobody was asked to leave the building after the Barney Frank incident. How is this possible? There should have been no warnings, no "hey pal - cool it"; They should have all been ejected, pronto. Period.

I sense that there's still this feeling among the general population that these Teabaggers were exercising free speech, but this is not the 1950's, assholes. Hell, it's not the 1980's either. You don't get to go to someone's place of work and use hate speech like this. There's a part of me that wants to just let them keep on talking, because the louder they get the more apparent they become, but at some point violence is bound to happen.


ChuckO said...

craziness. I can't believe this went on, and was allowed to continue. Members of congress should not need police escorts/protection without someone paying some consequences for their threats. I'm all for free speech, but their has to be line somewhere

emily shorette said...


For putting these airheaded, numbskulled, windbagged "tea partiers
' in their place - thank you.

Emily S.