Friday, April 30, 2010

Bangles @ Fine Line, 4.29.2010

What a great show. Last night was (according to Vicki Peterson) the opening night of The Bangles' brief Midwest tour. The trio looked amazing, happy, and relaxed as they rocked through a set of tunes spanning from their first LP all the way to the present. Highlights included a **new** song, which appeared to be called "Under a Cloud", a super tight cover of the Nazz song "Open My Eyes", and "September Gurls" (sung by Susanna), dedicated to the late Alex Chilton.

The Bangles 4.29.2010 
Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis
Hazy Shade of Winter, Restless, Manic Monday,
Live, Rain Song, If She Knew What She Wants,
Some Dreams Come True, He's Got a Secret,
Here Right Now, Under a Cloud (NEW),
Going Down To Liverpool, Eternal Flame,
September Gurls, Watching The Sky, Open My Eyes,
Get The Girl/Outside Chance, Be With You,
Ride the Ride, In Your Room, Hero Takes a Fall
encore: Walk Like an Egyptian/Magic Bus, Silent Treatment 


jan said...

Eternal Flame. Check!
Walk Like an Egyptian. Check!

Jeff said...

Jan, thank you for not letting me down. How disappointed I would have been had you not mocked me for this concert ritual.

jan said...

At least I'm reliable...