Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New BLONDIE cover art: "Panic of Girls"

Release date pending. According to Chris Stein (via blondie.net) the disc is expected to have 15 tracks. My bet is no vinyl version, unless it's a double (which would be sweeet). I hope my instincts are wrong -- this artwork deserves to be larger than CD size!


ChuckO said...

HOLY CRAP I HAD NO IDEA!!! more than makes up for skipping RSD! WOOHOO NEW BLONDIE!

Jeff said...

Chuck - I know, right? I hope Jimmy Destri has some new songs on it - he's my favorite songwriter of the group. Either way it's exciting news!

Carlos Lopes said...

I supose Jimmy Destri has no participation on this album. I'm looking forward to ear it!