Friday, April 23, 2010

On my turntable: Colin Blunstone - Never Even Thought

One thing that I love so much about Colin Blunstone's early solo works is that they basically sound like Zombies records. Never Even Thought (1978) features Rod Argent on some background vocals, but that's the extent of Zombie involvement. Overall the album is pretty bland, although "You Are the Way for Me" sounds like it could have been a Zombies song (which explains why it's my fave cut on the record).

The musicians on the album are mostly pulled from Toto and Elton John's band, and the record label is Elton's own Rocket Record Company. Despite the album's blandness, I can't complain about having another collection of Blunstone songs in the house. His voice is truly one of a kind, and there's something uniquely special about discovering a whole batch of songs he recorded 32 years ago.

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Uncle Zeke said...

Didn't Mr. Blunstone do some vocals for the Alan Parsons Project? Perhaps I should just stop being lazy, and go look at my cds.