Saturday, April 17, 2010

Record Store Day booty

What a friggin' awesome morning I had.

My Record Store Day started at one of my fave indie stores, Roadrunner.  When I arrived at 8:58 there were already over a dozen customers in the store. I saw the Lennon Singles Bag on the wall, and after not seeing any of the other RSD exclusives I was hunting for decided to venture to another shop .
Although I suspected that the store would be packed, I headed over to Treehouse records. As I approached I could see that my suspicions were right - there was a line of people growing outside of the door, and the store was jam-packed with customers.
Knowing how I tend to get easily annoyed with crowds I briefly debated whether or not to go inside, but then decided it was going to be fun, especially if I found the other records I wanted.  Luckily I made the right choice!
The line leading to the register was already wrapping through the store by the time I got inside. I don't remember the last time I saw so many young people in a record store at the same time, buying actual records!  There were dozens of unwashed 20-somethings there, mostly male, searching for new music on vinyl;  It was so sweet to witness, and something I never thought I'd see again in this lifetime.

By the time I got out of the store I'd found the Ramones and DEVO records I wanted, along with the NEW Hole single  "Skinny Little Bitch" on 10" white vinyl. I called it a day.


Anonymous said...

Whoo! Nice haul! Definitely worth dealing with the crowd.

ChuckO said...

excellent booty!