Thursday, May 13, 2010

On my turntable: Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation

Crown of Creation (1968) is probably my second favorite Airplane album, behind the sublime Surrealistic Pillow (1967), and almost tied with the powerful Volunteers (1969). Considering how much I enjoy the album it's a little surprising that today was my first listen to this work on vinyl.

One reason for the delay may be that most of the copies I've seen have had covers that were beat up all to hell. The copy I bought today has a nice clean sleeve and also includes the original "Brumus" insert (shown below), which features lyrics & credits.

Crown of Creation was a bit of a return to form for Jefferson Airplane, following their barely accessible acid freak-out of an album After Bathing At Baxters (1967). The social statements remain intact, but for the most part Creation is a series of FM radio friendly tunes.  Standouts include "Lather", David Crosby's "Triad", Balin's "Share a Little Joke", and the title track.


Brandon said...

Hey, so I know this is random, but I was searching google for Stew's rare vinyl-only track "House Made of Hope" from his Guest Host vinyl printing.
You see, he is one of my favorite songwriters of all time, and that is one of the only tracks of his that I have been unable to track down.
Did you know that your post from 2006 is one of only two other references to that track online that I could find?
If there is any way you can send me an mp3 of that track or somehow let me hear it, I would be IMMENSELY grateful and I would gladly send you some of his other rarities that I have.
Thank you,

RMKH said...

Baxter's "barely accessible"? I beg to differ.