Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010: Best of Qtr II

This has been a very exciting three months for new music!  Over half of these tracks are vinyl releases, which is doubly exciting.  At least a quarter of the songs relate to summer and/or sun, which is nicely sasonable. I should also point out that eight of the artists (marked with an asterisk*) are new (or at least new to me).  So check it out:

20. "Mornin' Rise" - De La Soul
19. "I Don't Want It" - The Genuine Fakes*
18. "He's Not a Boy" - The Like*
17. "Bang Pop" - Free Energy*
16. "How Are You Doing" - The Living Sisters*
15. "And Suddenly" - The School*
14. "Animal" - Neon Trees*
13. "Sidelines" - Actress*
12. "Hot Summer" - Prince
11. "Plundered My Soul" - The Rolling Stones
10. "Free Energy" - Free Energy*
9. "Thinkin' 'Bout Somethin'" - Hanson
8. "Heard it on the Radio" - The Bird and the Bee
7. "What We Do" - DEVO
6. "Saturday Sun" - Crowded House
5. "Here Comes the Summer" - Palmdale*
4. "I Have You to Thank" - Donny Osmond
3. "The Sweetest Thing" - Camera Obscura
2. "Between the Lines" - Stone Temple Pilots
1. "Skinny Little Bitch" - Hole

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Jay said...

Good to see that half of your BEST OF are artists in rotation on Popbang Radio! Great minds think alike, bro!