Saturday, June 26, 2010


DSC_0952, originally uploaded by themncolumn.
Perhaps against my better judgment, I sang "If I Could Turn Back Time" at a Pride event last night. It was the first time I had "performed" a Cher tune in front of a queer crowd (I think I had feared that they would attack me for mocking an icon, even tho I see it as more of an homage). It was a lot of fun, although it looks like I'm about to swallow the microphone in this picture! Thanks to everyone who refrained from throwing things at me during my stint at the mic :).

(photo borrowed from themncolumn's flickr page)


Shelley said...

I've seen you perform this number by Cher and I agree it is more of an homage. Remember how we used to beg you to sing Cher? No one does it better!

ChuckO said...

braver man than I. :)