Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On my turntable: Stone Temple Pilots

This album was released on May 25, the day after I left town for a three week trek across the country (thoroughly documented over at Leo & Jeff's Big Gay Wedding blog). I found the LP at J&R Music when I was in NYC (see pics, below), but resisted buying it until I returned to Minneapolis.  Since obtaining this LP on Sunday (the day after we returned home), I've been listening to side one a lot. I've not yet heard side two, not out of lack of interest, but because side one is so good!  This is one of the long-forgotten joys of the LP, in my opinion -- that it's two gifts in one: Side one AND Side two.  

Stone Temple Pilots (2010) is the first widely-available domestic vinyl release from STP since their 1996 Tiny Music from the Vatican Gift Shop LP. I became an instant fan of the band after learning that they were the band behind the single "Big Bang Baby", not Redd Kross. STP were poised for greatness in '96 as the scheduled opening act for the big KISS reunion that summer. At the last minute STP had to back out due to Scott Weiland's addiction problems. It wouldn't be the last time that Weiland's relationship with drugs would interfere with the band's success.

That was then & this is 2010. If the new album is any indication, Stone Temple Pilots are back in the saddle and ready to reclaim greatness again. If they keep making great records like this one they've got my continued support!


HiRize said...

WOW that is a nicer cover than i thought it would be. I love the giant pics your using!

jan said...

Groovy cover art!

Jeff said...

Jan - I know, right?

Chuck - Possibly the handsomest album cover of all time. FYI the giant pics thing is not on purpose - I haven't yet learned how to re-size on the mac software I use! :)