Friday, June 11, 2010

Philly and DC record store booty

Despite the craziness of the past week, I was able to squeeze in time to check out a few record stores in both Philadelphia and D.C., leaving each city with a few new gems under my arm.

Philadelphia Record Exchange:
  • Elvis Costello & The Attractions: "New Amsterdam"/ "Wednesday Week" (non-LP) (1979)
  • Boy George: "Everything I Own"/"Use Me" (1987)
  • The Boomtown Rats: "Rat Trap"/"Do the Rat" (non-LP) (1979)
  • Charo & The Salsoul Orchestra - Cuchi-Cuchi (1977)
 Smash! Records, D.C.:
  • The Boomtown Rats: "House On Fire"/"Europe Looked Ugly" (1982)
  • The Boomtown Rats: "Drag Me Down"/"An Icicle in the Sun" (1984)
Crooked Beat Records, D.C.:
  •  Doors: "People Are Strange"/"The Crystal Ship" (2010 Record Store Day exclusive)
  • Queen: Rock You From Rio - Live (2009)

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HiRize said...

that Charo cover was meant to be hung somewhere! love it!