Thursday, July 01, 2010

New Prince CD, "20Ten"

Jon Bream at the StarTribune announced today that July 22 is the street date for the new Prince CD, titled 20Ten.  No word on a vinyl release, but with just ten tracks, and the fact that Prince's last albums Lotusflower/Mplsound were released on LP last year, it's certainly a possibility!

Track Listing:
"Endlessly Beginning"
"Future Soul Song"
"Sticky Like Glue"
"Act Of God"
"Walk In Sand"
"Sea Of Everything"
"Everybody Loves Me"
"Untitled Bonus Track."
Thanks to my friend Kyle for posting this earlier today!

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ChuckO said...

looks like WB will be distributing in the states. this could open doors to remasters but who knows about the integrity of the original tracks being kept intact...