Saturday, July 31, 2010

On my turntable: "Getting Straight" - OST

As I've mentioned here before, I collect vinyl on the Colgems record label. My last big Colgems find was the stupendous Casino Royale soundtrack. Today I found one of the holy grails of the Colgems catalog, the soundtrack to the Elliott Gould/Candice Bergen film Getting Straight (1970).

Getting Straight was the last original soundtrack album released by Colgems; It was also one of the final records put out by the label prior to its demise in 1971. The very last Colgems release was a double LP titled A Barrel Full of Monkees (1971), the target market of which was a new generation of young fans discovering the pre-fabs via Saturday morning re-runs on CBS.

Here is Getting Straight's original opening titles, shot on location at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, and featuring music by P.K. Limited (as always, no guarantees as to how long this clip will be viewable. It's a copyright thing.):

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