Monday, August 09, 2010

Happiness is...

Happiness is finding a record that
gets you closer to completing a collection.

This is a challenging record to find in good condition, in a sleeve that is not all ragged and beaten like it's been dragged around the block behind someone's Big Wheel. Is This What You Want (1968) by Jackie Lomax is part of the Apple Records catalog, which is one of the collections I'm working on.  I saw a really nice copy of this album when I was in DC recently, but it was $30 so I passed.  Today I found this beautifully preserved specimen for $8.  As a record geek I get immense pleasure out of filing these rarities alongside the rest of the collection, as shown in the picture above. 

*huge sigh of satisfaction*


Bill Wikstom said...

I commend you on starting your Apple Records Discography collection. The only other person that I can think of who has done this (buy anything with an Apple label) was also from Twin Cities - ex-manager of The Replacements, Peter Jesperson. Something in the water (unintentional Prince reference) or just good taste? You be the judge.

Btw, The Suburbs, The Replacements, Prince and Hüsker Dü are all favorites of mine.

Jeff said...

Bill - thx for the comment. It's interesting, having grown up here when those bands were all still thriving, I had little interest in them (I certainly appreciate all of them now). I saw one of the last Replacements shows at 1st Ave, and I've seen the Suburbs a few times. I honestly don't remember ever seeing Husker Du (how sad if I DID see them and don't remember). I have been in a local record store a couple of times when Grant Hart's been there just chatting with the store owner. Boy is he a talker!! Yap yap yap. Prince on the other hand I've seen many times and it's one of the huge perks of living in Minneapolis if you're a fan.