Friday, August 27, 2010

Library trip

(above: A view of downtown Mpls from the library)

I love visiting the library during the summer. On scorching hot summer days when we were kids our mom would often take us to the Northeast Minneapolis library, which was 1) free, 2) quiet, and 3) beautifully air conditioned.

This morning I made a trek to the downtown library to get a book needed for one of my fall classes. As libraries go, it's pretty fancy.


Monica said...

I was at this library last weekend and saw a family with two little girls getting their first library cards. They each got a sticker saying "I got my library card today." The older girl helped her little sister out by putting her sticker on right-side-up. They were very proud - it was supercute.

Jeff said...

Aw - that does sound supercute! Hey wait - how come I didn't get a sticker when I got my card? I was robbed! :)