Sunday, August 29, 2010

On my turntable: DEVO - Something For Everybody

I noticed that the 5:15 afternoon sun was beaming on the turntable, which motivated me to spin something on colored vinyl. Seriously - how pretty is this new DEVO record?

Something For Everybody (2010) is possibly the comeback of the century. The band's sound can only be defined as "DEVO", and they have stayed true to formula. If I had to identify one difference between this LP and their older material it would be that it's sonically thicker, yet it remains cold and electronic as a robot. It's jam-packed with synth-driven hooks and lyrics that speak of the often ridiculousness of humans and the stupid choices we make. In other words, there is nothing un-DEVO about this record.

The album's only shortcoming, in my opinion, is the absence of "Watch Us Work It" (a digital single from a few years back), which at one point was rumored to be part of Something's track list. Still, if I could only own one DEVO LP, I would have to choose this one.


Jay said...

Holy shit, you aint kiddin bro. This might not be just the comeback album of the year (decade), but it might be the ALBUM OF THE YEAR! Hooks everywhere, total fun, and BEST Devo album ever! (And Devo was barely in my Top 50 bands of all time before this)

HiRize said...

ummm have you tasted that vinyl just to make sure it's not actually made of candy? *WANT!*

Jeff said...

Chuck - But what if it IS made of candy? No, I cannot taste any of them because if they are as delicious as they look then I won't be able to listen to them anymore 'cause they'll all be in my belly!