Sunday, August 29, 2010

So long, summer...

Today is officially my last day of summer "vacation".  I use scare quotes around "vacation" because I didn't get so much of a break this year like I did the past two summers, and yet these past three months have been pretty spectacular.

I don't need to rehash the events of May and June (you can review over at our Big Gay Wedding Blog if you like), but I do want to state once more how life changing the trip was.  Once we returned to Minneapolis I had a couple of days to ease back into reality before prepping for my PhD written prelim exam.  I was fortunate to work with a stellar study group who challenged me to process and stay on my toes. I hope that my contributions to the group were as helpful to them as theirs were to me.  The test was taken a week ago (I get my results in five weeks), leaving me with one week of no responsibility before the academic train starts a'rollin' again.

So Monday I return to my campus office and begin preparing for the two courses I'll be teaching fall semester. This is my fourth year as an instructor in the department, and I am eager to jump in and collaborate with the other instructors to create some exciting new stuff. After having just reviewed all of this student development theory and the ins & outs of higher education, I am intent on having a productive and enjoyable year.

This next year will be my last year of coursework, after which I will dive head-first into the research for my dissertation. I probably could have finished classes sooner, had I not tacked on a minor in Political Psychology. The content of these courses has pushed me outside of my comfort zone at times, which is a good thing.  My philosophy is that learning takes place in those occasions when we are challenged to create new ways of thinking for ourselves.  Taking these courses has also been an asset for me when I'm wearing the hat of political activist, particularly during my trips to D.C., both in spring '09 and again this past spring before Leo and I got legally hitched.

Closing thought/reflection: This September marks my fifth year of fanciful blusters and occasional tirades on this blog thingamybob.  I got distracted this past year by facebook for a little while, but found my way back here because it's such a better forum for writing about one of my favorite things, the first love of my life: my record collection.  Shout-outs to all of the music heads that have contributed your comments over the years. I've developed a handful of cyber friendships here that I really do value, so an extra shout goes to my cyber music/vinyl peeps and fellow bloggers.  It is motivating to know that there are like-minded geeks like you out there that give a sh*t as much as I do!

Rock on, y'all.


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Back at ya!

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thanks for inspiring me to do my own vinyl blog!