Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Witnessing Social Change

Today I accompanied Leo as he picked up his last prescription from Target pharmacy. After the payment was completed Leo asked to speak to the manager on deck, kindly explaining that this would be our last purchase from Target (I had already transferred my prescriptions elsewhere), on account of their political activities/contributions. The woman behind the counter appeared saddened, as if she fully understood our position and was sorry.

I felt mighty proud of Leo today, and proud to be standing with him as we explained our need to take our business elsewhere.  It was a powerful little moment, one in which I understood that I was witnessing social change as it was happening. The country is changing, and it feels great to be an active participant.


Jay said...

Is it still ok that they are a proud sponsor of the annual Twin Cities Gay Pride Festival?

Jeff said...

This is actually part of the problem. They are such vocal supporters of the community, but then they turn around and fund a candidate who is very vocally against our civil rights. If Target wasn't so visibly self-identified as a "friend of the community" this probably wouldn't be an issue.