Friday, September 24, 2010

On my turntable: Basement Jaxx - Scars

Prior to owning this album I'd only heard remixes that Basement Jaxx did for other artists. I was drawn to Scars (2009) because of the brilliant - allow me to restate this word with italics for added emphasis - brilliant performance by Yoko Ono on "Day of the Sunflowers - We March On".  I waited on purchasing the LP because of its $30+ price tag, but last month found the record on CDWOW for less than $25 (with free shipping - thanks to Chuck for referring me to this site!).  Interestingly, the album arrived in the mail exactly one year from the week of the album's original release date, 9.22.2009.

If you're a fan of lavish and thoughtful vinyl packaging this album is worth its price.  Scars comes in a gatefold sleeve, with custom heavy paper inner sleeves (one of them mylar/silver) and custom labels.  This is not simply a vinyl version of the CD (as many new LPs are, unfortunately) - this package was created with thought and care as an art piece of its own, like so many other great 12" LPs in the history of recorded music.

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