Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On my turntable: Bay City Rollers - Rollin'

For a brief time in the 70's when I'd felt I'd outgrown The Monkees,  but before I had "discovered" The Beatles, I was a big fan of the Bay City Rollers. I had a couple of cool iron-on BCR t-shirts, and all of their American LPs.  I even started buying 16 magazine because the band was always on the cover with some "exclusive story" and "exciting new pics".  Interestingly, I wasn't gay for the Rollers -- I really liked their music (and still do).

I remember the day when some school kids started teasing me for wearing my awesome faded blue BCR ringer tee, saying things like "Oh Anderson likes the Gay City Blowers!" How does a 5th grade kid respond to that? To be honest I don't remember how I responded, but that was probably my first clue that only girls were supposed to like the Rollers. Sadly, I stopped wearing my t-shirts in public, but I continued the ritual of riding my skateboard to the corner 7-Eleven to pick up the latest 16 magazine and a slurpee. 

It was in 16 that I learned about the Rollers' British LPs (including Rollin' (1974)), which were entirely different from the band's US albums.  It wasn't long before I obtained three Rollers import albums from a record shop at Maplewood mall. I remember what a thrill it was to buy these records, which I listened to incessantly until early '77.  1977 was the year that I saw the Beatles' Help! after school on a local tv station, at which point my life became all Beatles, all the time.

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Jennifer said...

It was in 1977 that I discovered the Beatles, too... but it was when I was staying at my aunt and uncle's condo in the Virgin Islands and I would peruse their albums when it would rain in the afternoon. I fell in love with Meet the Beatles and I've been a Beatle-freak since then :)