Saturday, September 18, 2010

On my turntable: The Love Generation - Montage

For a Partridge Family fan, discovering The Love Generation is like learning of the existence of lost Partridge records. In essence, the Love Generation was the Partridge Family before there was a Partridge Family.

I found out about The Love Generation back when Napster was the big thing. I stumbled on a track called "Let the Good Times In",  a song that was featured in the Partridge Family pilot episode but never officially released. When I listened to the track I could tell that the voices were the same, but it was a different recording with a slightly different arrangement. After some research I learned that the version I'd found was actually by The Love Generation. 

The Love Generation was comprised of a group of session singers whose records were released at the height of the late 60's flower-power scene.  Many of the group's songs were pure bubblegum, capitalizing on the love and peace movement that had seeped into the culture at the time, but several songs featured sharp social commentary as well.  The group's 3rd and final album, Montage (1969) includes far-out songs such as "The Pill" and "Consciousness Expansion".

When the first Partridge Family album went into production, brothers John and Tom Bahler (the core of the Love Generation) were brought in to lend their vocal talents and arrangements to what would become the trademark Partridge Family sound.  In the beginning of these sessions it was not expected that David Cassidy would sing, since the producers were unaware that he was anything other than an actor. This may explain the absence of David's voice from some of the tracks on the first album.

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