Saturday, September 04, 2010

On my turntable: Madonna - Hard Candy

When Hard Candy (2008) first came out, I was marginally interested until I saw the price tag, which averaged around $35. For an album. No thanks.

Granted, it's a very glitzy album, with two candy-colored LPs, plus a bonus 2 track remix LP and a CD of the full album, all housed in a triple gatefold package. If I were a huge Madonna fan I may have considered the hefty price tag, but instead I passed.

Earlier this week my good friend Chuck informed me that Amazon was selling Hard Candy for $6.50. Six dollars and fifty cents.  So I'm thinking  a) this is way below cost and Amazon just wants to move these LPs out, and b) Warner Brothers was over-charging retailers up front.  Regardless, my guess is that I wasn't the only person to pass on the album, resulting in warehouses overstocked with copies of Hard Candy collecting dust.

I *love* that vinyl is making such a big comeback. What I don't love is the extravagant price tag of albums with "deluxe" or "limited edition" stickers slapped on them.  Hopefully record labels will start paying closer attention to what consumers are willing to pay (many of the indies have caught on and are issuing great LPs of new artists at very budget-friendly prices). Had Hard Candy been released as a single LP for $15.99, or even a double at $18.99, I would bet they'd have sold enough that Amazon wouldn't be clearing them out now for $6.50. Don't get me wrong - I love rummaging through the clearance bins, even if they are online!

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