Saturday, October 16, 2010

Davy Jones confirms talks of a Monkee reunion!

The last time Dolenz, Jones & Tork hit the road together was in the summer of 2001. Since then they've all remained active in their own careers. Tork has often spoken of his desire to perform again with his old group. Dolenz has been busy on Broadway with shows such as Hairspray and Aida, but never ruling out the possibility of a reunion (in fact, Tork and Dolenz have made several public appearances together in recent months). Jones has been the most vocal about not wanting to reunite, stating he is much happier doing intimate gigs as a solo act and focusing more on his family life and his horses.

In an interview last week with Paul Freeman of the Daily News, Jones said:
"We talked to Micky and Peter the other day and they're talking about maybe doing a tour next year, going to Australia and Japan and England, pick up some cash and just hang out for the summer. Everybody's doing it. I mean, The Eagles are traveling on separate planes, because they don't like each other. It all depends what kind of thing it's going to be. But, come on. If you were 21, you would jump at it.
 I look forward to getting together with Micky and Peter next year. It could be something that will enhance our personal careers. It also gives people another chance to have the memory."
This is great news for fans. The Monkees film HEAD is getting reissued on bluray this fall, and Rhino Handmade is issuing a deluxe expanded version of the film's soundtrack. Hopefully the Monkees (or Monke3s as some fans call the trio incarnation) can cash in on any attention gained from these reissues. Regardless, it would be great to see the group do another tour. I for one have my fingers crossed. 

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