Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On my turntable: Michael Penn - Resigned

Before purchasing it today I never knew this album existed. Resigned (1997) sounds like you would expect Michael Penn to sound, although at times it rocks more like Girlfriend-era Matthew Sweet. Right now I am on my first listen and I already like it better than March (1989).

One reason I jumped at buying this record is that I love coming across 90's vinyl, since it's not so common. After leaving the store I noticed that the LP was a promo, which makes me think that vinyl copies of this album were probably promo-only.


HiRize said...

love what M.Penn I've heard, wouldn't pass him up if i spotted him in the bins.

Jesse said...

Hi! This is one of my favorite discs. I'd love to have it on vinyl. Let me know if you'd ever consider selling it! (hussalonia at gmail dot...)