Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On my turntable: The Posies - Blood/Candy

I was in college and working in a record store when Dear 23 (1990) was released. My friends and I were interested because the band was from Seattle, which was the hot spot for new music at the time. We learned that this was not the standard grunge; Dear 23 was a glorious power pop concoction, produced by  psychedelic king John Leckie.
I saw the band perform in support of the album at First Avenue, and then they sort of drifted off of my radar following 1993's Frosting on the Beater.
Posies Jon & Ken re-entered my musicsphere in the late 90's, performing as part of the reformed Big Star (again at First Avenue). Since then The Posies have held a firm place on my musical roster. I saw J & K perform an acoustic show at the 400 Club, and later flipped over their contributions to Big Star's return to vinyl, 2005's In Space.

On September 28th The Posies released what is (in my mind) their best work in 20 years, the magnificently majestic  Blood/Candy. The record landed on my doorstep yesterday afternoon (I was napping on the couch when it arrived, signaled by four loud bangs on the door by the UPS man). It was the last thing I listened to
before bed and the first record spun with my morning coffee. As I type this I am on my third listen of side 1, and I'm totally hooked. The Posies have gained pop master status with this record, which has already cemented its place in my Top 5ive best albums of the year.

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