Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On my turntable (special Apple Records edition): James Taylor & Mary Hopkin

In honor of this week's remastered & restored Apple CD releases I'm dedicating this post (and perhaps a few more) to the almighty Apple.

The last time these albums saw the light of day was in the early-to-mid '90's, when Apple's catalog was first issued on CD. Each album was also given a very limited gatefold, double LP release (each 2nd LP containing bonus tracks) with liner notes and the whole shebang. I have made it my life's new mission to track down as many of these LPs as possible, since I sadly missed out on them when they were first released (I was "on hiatus" from vinyl at the time, a period which I like to call my "lost weekend").

One CD that I will likely buy (and you won't hear me utter those words often!) is the new compilation Come and Get It: The Best of Apple Records, which is packed with rare goodies that many fans have never heard (including this fan).

Come and Get It track listing:
  1. "Those Were the Days" - Mary Hopkin
  2. "Carolina In My Mind" - James Taylor
  3. "Maybe Tomorrow" - The Iveys (aka Badfinger)
  4. "Thingumybob" - John Foster & Sons Ltd. Black Dyke Mills Band
  5. "King of Fuh" - Brute Force
  6. "Sour Milk Sea" - Jackie Lomax
  7. "Goodbye" - Mary Hopkin
  8. "That's the Way God Planned It" - Billy Preston
  9. "New Day" - Jackie Lomax
  10. "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight" - trash
  11. "Give Peace a Chance" - Hot Chocolate Band
  12. "Come and Get It" - Badfinger
  13. "Ain't That Cute" - Doris Troy
  14. "My Sweet Lord" - Billy Preston
  15. "Try Some, Buy Some" - Ronnie Spector
  16. "Govinda" - The Radha Krsna Temple
  17. "We're On Our Way" - Chris Hodge
  18. "Saturday Nite Special" - The Sundown Playboys
  19. "God Save Us" - Bill Elliot and the Elastic Oz Band
  20. "Sweet Music" - Lon and Derred Van Eaton
  21. "Day After Day" - Badfinger

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking of buying this cd too. Alsp considering Badfinger - Strait Up. I have no Badfinger at all, but I did see them from about 20 feet away intheir prime one night in Birmingham, Mi - it had snowed about three feet outside and only about 100 people showed up at a pretty big place called the Birmingham Palladium