Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween detox

I ate a whole lot of non-food yesterday, from orange frosted cookies to handfuls of all the leftover candy in our house. My body appears to be in a sugar shock today.  Goes with the territory I reckon.  As I'm sure I've mentioned, I'm not a Halloween person. I don't like to hand out candy, and I don't like costumes. I've been told this makes me a bad gay, but oh well.  Despite my own disdain of 10/31, I hope that those of you who enjoy the holiday had a marvelous time!!


Jay said...

You and me got the "anti-Halloween" gene somewhere. HATE HATE HATE Halloween! It doesn't make you a bad guy... it makes you and Anderson! And that is a good thing! Let's get out our new records next year and make it a records listening holiday!

Jeff said...

Bro - thanks for the support. FYI - my post doesn't say that my dislike of Halloween makes me a bad GUY. I said I've been told it makes me a bad GAY. The gays supposedly love Halloween.

I bet we got our anti-Halloween gene from Dad. He wasn't too big on drawing attention to himself.