Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I grow impatient....

Rhino Handmade's Deluxe box of The Monkees' HEAD was released last week, and some fans are beginning to post in the forums about the arrival of their sets in the mail. I am uber-excited and can't keep from watching the door for my copy!

The image shown above, I assume, is from the back of the boxset. The front of the box replicates the LP's original mylar cover, designed to reflect your own head when you're looking at the album.  Now I don't buy me many CDs (no surprise to regular readers), but Rhino Handmade has done amazing work in the past with their Monkee reissues (most of the credit, I think, goes to fan, archivist, and reissue producer Andrew Sandoval).  I am eager to dig into this box and enjoy its contents!!  

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